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Lupus Symptoms
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Learn to cure the SOURCE of lupus & completely eliminate chronic fatigue, achy muscles, painful arthritis, depression... & discover how others literally defeated Lupus -- verified by medical doctors!

Read on to find out how...

From: Stacey Becker
Date: Wednesday, 9:36 a.m.
Vancouver, Canada

Dear Friend,

If you or a loved one is suffering from painful, debilitating symptoms of lupus, or you're afraid you may be experiencing early lupus symptoms, then this may be the most important letter you will every read.

Like most lupus sufferers, you probably have some of the following health concerns...

  • You're afraid of how lupus will impair your health, with possible irreparable organ damage, leaving you in a wheelchair or reliant on others.

  • You wonder how to cope with your chronically depleted energy and pain so that you can provide for and take care of your family.

  • You're afraid of not living a normal life, or being able to have kids, go to school or pursue your dreams of a successful career.

  • You worry a lupus flare may strike at any time, making it difficult to plan ahead, spend time with your loved ones or attend important events.

  • You're scared by the thought - 'How bad will the pharmaceutical side effects be?' Even worse - 'Will I die from lupus?'

If any of the above concerns sound familiar you have arrived at the right place.

Because on this page I'm going to show you how you can completely overcome your symptoms of lupus disease using simple, natural techniques that you won't learn about anywhere else.

So I encourage you to close the door, turn off the phone and relax while you take a few minutes to read this essential information on lupus and how you can help yourself, or a loved one return to health and vitality.

It is my intention and commitment to help you on your path to healing, each and every step of the way. I want you to know that you are not alone, you have my support and there is hope for a full recovery.

By the end of this letter you will feel very optimistic about reclaiming your health with alternative therapies for lupus.

So why should you listen to me?


My name is Stacey Becker and I too was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus over 10 years ago.

I'm ecstatic to tell you, I don't have lupus anymore!

Doctors from the renowned Mayo Clinic of Scottsdale, Arizona confirmed it.

When I was diagnosed with my first symptoms of lupus, in addition to a positive ANA test I experienced extreme fatigue, painful arthritis, achy muscles, a constant low-grade fever, an irritating lupus butterfly rash and deep depression… and that's just for starters.

Each and every day it felt like I ran a marathon just to get showered and dressed!

As a result of my life-altering experience with lupus and successfully conquering it, I have spent over the last ten years researching the scientific principles of healing and how alternative medicine for lupus can be implemented to help restore and regenerate the body from the disease.

Although I have a Bachelor Degree in both Psychology and Kinesiology, it never taught me about the mind-body connection (I was forced to learn through my illness) that ultimately led to my complete recovery, not just a lengthy lupus remission.

On my very first visit to the rheumatologists office (a specialist in auto immune disease) I was told 'Come back when your worse and I'll put you on steroids'.

That statement compelled me to make an unwavering decision to completely liberate myself from the grip of lupus.

I promised myself that I would never, ever go back to that doctor nor allow myself to live with this disease - no matter what doctors say about lupus being incurable.

I won’t tell you what I wanted to tell the so called specialist!

Instead of dwelling on the rheumatologists inability or unwillingness to help me, I obsessively searched for natural cures for lupus on my own. 

I was convinced that despite the 'incurable' status of lupus there was a way for me to completely eradicate the disease from my life.

So, I spent months and months investigating what causes lupus. I figured if I could 'crack the code' as to why my body succumbed to lupus in the first place, then I would find my way to potential lupus cures.

One day it hit me! I knew exactly why I had succumbed to lupus! I finally cracked the code.

And... I got my healing! It was very sudden. The way I was healed was also quite a surprise!

Although I finally got my cure for lupus, it occurred to me that given the medical status that lupus is 'incurable' I would have a hard time being believed by others.

At first, my own parents wouldn't even believe me! Instead, (thankfully) they sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona which boasts the best doctors from all over the world to run more tests on me. 

It was confirmed. I did not have lupus anymore.

On the dreadful day of my lupus diagnosis I made a vow, 'if I manage to conquer lupus I will share everything I did to heal it with others who also suffer from this miserable, frustrating disease'.

Well, now is that time.

I have systematically documented every question and answer I ever been asked about healing lupus.

It deeply saddens me to think of the millions and millions of people diagnosed with an 'incurable' disease who accept their prognosis (because we've been conditioned to) and don't challenge it in search of a solution.

So, I'm here to provide the solution for you!

I am very grateful to share this powerful information on natural healing and lupus as a result of coming through it myself. The information applies to any so called 'incurable' disease!

You will learn the exact steps I took to heal Lupus ...and how you can do it too.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to remarkably boost your energy and vitality in as little as a few minutes and have the energy and zest to enjoy the activities you once did,  rather than constantly being exhausted and bed-ridden(This technique alone gave me the energy to get out of bed each day... and fight lupus)

  • How to control, even eliminate your painful lupus flares with specific 'anti-flare' techniques to keep you out of pain, out of the hospital and on your way to living a normal life again!

  • Essential lupus diet do’s and don’ts you must follow to promote and expedite your body's ability to heal and keep you from inadvertently triggering a flare with lupus immune system diet nutrition
  • Delicious, fast, easy-to-make healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to promote your speedy recovery and keep you from spending your energy in the kitchen  
  • Which supplements and herbs for lupus every patient must take according to renowned alternative health specialists Dr. Brasoz Minshew (I've personally interviewed) to decrease inflammation and boost your body's ability to fight lupus
  • Current medical lupus treatment approaches with the specific drugs used for the most common lupus symptoms, why they are used, and exactly what they do before you consider putting any pill in your mouth!
  • Exactly what side effects result from the most common pharmaceutical drugs used for lupus patients, (from mild to moderate to severe, even potentially deadly) that you must watch out for when your doctor hands you a prescription
  • Ancient Eastern powerful, natural self-healing techniques to facilitate your body’s ability to reverse and repair tissue and organ damage with cutting edge, scientifically proven natural alternative medicine for lupus

  • How to reduce your pain naturally, to rediscover and reclaim your independence and previous quality of life, even if you can’t possibly imagine it right now!
  • Which types of exercise is best and how to know when you should or shouldn’t exercise to avoid an acute case of fatigue and winding up bed-ridden!
  • Powerful, effective emotional coping strategies to reduce depression, stress and worry and how you can learn to not only cope during rough periods, but reclaim joy in your life! (I was suicidal and used this technique myself!)
  • Unusual rare symptoms of lupus (that doctors don't even know exist!) so you'll know you're not crazy or just imagining it!
  • The current 11 criteria used by doctors to make a lupus diagnosis, and the number of symptoms you need to experience over one duration of time that will result in you receiving a positive diagnosis
  • Lupus nephritis, what is it, is it deadly, and what are the signs of lupus nephritis to watch out for
  • Lupus and pregnancy, the answer to if you can or should have kids and when is the best time to get pregnant if you plan to
  • Lupus in children, the prevalence and how to curb their disease from future debilitating consequences
  • Lupus and heredity, what the risk is your child will also have lupus and why you should feel confident they will be just fine!
  • How to get the support you need from others and are afraid to ask for (including tips on what to say and how to turn an unsupportive situation into a supportive one!)
  • What exacerbates lupus plus environmental triggers of lupus you must avoid, and how some doctors are missing the boat in educating you on what they even are 
  • How to support a loved one suffering from lupus, with specific emotional and social strategies to help them fight it, (if you're here to help a loved one with it cope)
"We found hope..."

From:  Katharine <XXXXX@yahoo.ca>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 25, 2006 8:57 am

"We have found a lot of useful information in Stacey's book and the most important - we found HOPE.

As soon as I feel down or scared and hopeless I read your book and the personal email you sent.

I started myself on your exercises a few days ago and it's really helping. I already sleep better and I feel so much better physically!"

Katharine Zagumenov, Toronto, Canada

"I now believe there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel!"

From:  Georgia <XXXXX@hotmail.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, May 19, 2006 3:46 pm

"I have read your book and believe emotionally we need to heal ourselves which isn't recognized by the medical stream.

It is inspirational to come across people who overcome their ailments when the medical profession believes there is no cure...

I will in the near future overcome this fatigue as I now believe there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel!"

Georgia Tess, Adelaide, Australia

"I loved your book - especially the part about stress... I found your 'stress-buster' techniques very powerful and helpful."

From:  Sue <XXXXX@neb.rr.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, April 25, 2006 4:37 pm

"Stacey, I loved your book--especially the part about stress. I believe that stress is our greatest enemy.   

I found your stess-buster techniques very powerful and helpfulThank you so much!

Sue F., Business Owner, Colorado, U.S.

"Wow. This is a must-read for anyone with lupus. ...It is an intensive, informative, compelling and helpful read for anyone who would want to cure lupus."

From:  Claudette Bouchard <XXXXX@claudettebouchard.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, April 7, 2006 10:03 pm

"Wow! This is a must-read for anyone with lupus.

‘I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore’ is an intensive, informative, compelling and helpful read for anyone who would want to cure Lupus. 

It is very thorough and addresses not only the physical elements of healing, but emotional and spiritual ones as well.

It is an easy read with powerful, step-by-step suggestions that walk the reader through the process of healing".  

Claudette Bouchard, Energy Healer and Life Coach, Vancouver, B.C.

Lupus has been healed before, and not just by me!

As you can see I discovered a lot of vital information about holistic remedies for lupus that I want to share with you.

But that's not all I learned in my journey to recovery; I also found others who have also experienced a cure for lupus!

While attending a seminar several years ago I happened to mention that I overcame lupus to an attendee. She quickly grabbed my hand and dragged me across the convention center to meet her mother, Yolanda. She also beat lupus (also verified by doctors).

Upon talking with her it became quickly evident that the cause of lupus was identical for both of us. I had my first instance of confirmation that supported my theory. I know what caused my lupus, now I had confirmation of a second case.

Although her healing was far less sudden and occurred in a different way than mine, the result was the same! She doesn't have lupus anymore either!

Recently I have learned of even more people who have also conquered lupus.

In these cases it also appears the underlying cause of lupus was the same, however the specific 'mechanism' for healing was again very different.

That's great news for you!

Not only has lupus been overcome by each of us, not all of us have done it in exactly the same way!

Would it interest you to learn
THREE different ways
lupus has been healed before - each naturally?

You will read about my experience conquering lupus, plus I have been given permission by Yolanda to share her personal story and what she did to eliminate lupus as well.

I also include a third powerful approach others are having incredible success with, plus helpful resources you can access right away if you would like to learn more about it!

The information I provide addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual and social issues of suffering from lupus disease, with practical, effective solutions you can begin to use right away.

If that doesn't offer you hope for a full recovery I don't know what will!

You can spend countless hours researching lupus information and/or visiting doctors offices (hoping for answers they are not trained or allowed to answer).

...Or you can benefit from my concise, easy-to-read book with over 200 pages of jam-packed useful information with answers to your most burning questions!

...Not to mention how three separate lupus sufferers healed their lupus - EACH IN A DIFFERENT WAY!

By reading, "I Don't Have Lupus Anymore" you'll arm yourself with knowledge to relieve your Lupus symptoms with answers to the most common questions, such as:

  • How to detect the early warning signs and symptoms of lupus and take charge of your health NOW, rather than wait until it (or the drugs used to treat lupus) has ravaged your health making it more difficult to heal

  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about lupus with detailed information concerning physical, emotional, spiritual and social coping techniques you can begin to use immediately that you will not find anywhere else

  • Lupus and photosensitivity - what you must know about being in the sun and how not to feel like you are missing out on life!

  • How to overcome chronic stress, loneliness and despair with practical, life-changing strategies you can use to recapture your once 'bubbly, positive' personality and eliminate your pain and sorrow once and for all!

  • What steps you should take to avoid losing your hair and how to take back your self confidence!

  • How to halt a lupus flare in it's track  and avoid missing work, school and other essential activities by learning to identify your lupus flare trigger points, (with a 'flare up plan for lupus' and what you must do ...and not do!)

  • How to 'manufacture' the energy you need to be able to work full time and feel confident you will be able to take care of your loved ones (these are techniques you can use anywhere, anytime whenever you feel depleted)

  • How to reduce inflamed, troublesome arthritic lupus symptoms naturally and reclaim your mobility so you can feel like you used to! (I no longer have any symptoms of arthritis left)

  • How faith and belief affect your health and ability to heal and why YOU have legitimate reason to have faith that you can heal lupus too! 

  • Current lupus fatality rates, how it's changed over the years and the steps you should take to ensure it doesn't happen to you!

  • How to utilize the ancient practice of 'mind over matter' healing techniques (with specific instructions from a renowned distance 'healer', teacher of quantum physics and public speaker) with benefits that will compel you to practice this technique daily!

  • How to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary pharmaceuticals or medical bills, by following my lupus recovery guide to get you back on your journey to complete health!

  • Learn exactly 'what is lupus, its symptoms and health consequences' and what you should know about it that you won't learn at your local doctors office

  • What is a lupus malar rash, commonly referred to a butterfly lupus rash?

  • Learn the 5 different types of lupus, their symptoms and how lupus got the nickname 'the disease with a thousand face' as a mystery disease that continues to keep doctors in the dark

  • What is drug induced lupus - and which common medications you must be avoid that cause it

  • Glyconutrients and lupus, flaxseed oil and lupus, and the latest information on how certain minerals and essential vitamins are startling supplement 'non-believers' with their results

  • Outstanding current lupus statistics - such as the average length of time it takes for an actual diagnosis (this statistic will blow your mind!) and the number of pharmaceuticals the average lupus sufferer takes! ... a good reason to keep reading and take charge of your health now!

  • Hear actual testimonies from people who have healed lupus and exactly how they conquered it! 

  • How to heal from the inside out to create and sustain life-long, optimal health so YOU will have the ability to pursue your goals and dreams, lupus-free!

...and still much, much more!


"You'd be extremely fortunate to learn Stacey's secrets and use them to cure your lupus as well."

From:  Jake Berlin <XXXXX@gmail.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Tues, Jan 12, 2006 2:41 pm

"Stacey is the only person I have ever met who has successfully cured herself of Lupus!

She manages to surprise me more and more every time I talk to her. I would have never known she ever had Lupus had she not told me personally.

You'd be extremely fortunate to learn Stacey's secrets and use them to cure your Lupus as well. You'll be glad you did."

Jake Berlin, Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant

"This is an eye-opening useful tool for anyone in need of healing."

From:  Carole <XXXXX@netzero.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, June 03, 2006 1:26 am

"Stacey's engaging and frank account of her own odyssey really proves it's possible to heal lupus.

changing your mind you CAN change your health! 
This is an eye-opening useful tool for anyone in need of healing."

Carole Bertrand, Wife and Mother of 3, Business Owner

"Thank you for caring and the mini-course health tips... They are very strengthening and helpful"

From:  Milly <XXXXX@yahoo.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, July 21, 2006 3:04 am

"Thank you for caring and the health tips for my lupus. They are very strengthening and helpful. "

"Good to know there are people out there that care for you even if you don't know them personally."

Thanks Stacey... Milly Taua, Fiji

"Thank God for Your Book ... I especially like the information on how to increase my energy and what foods to eat and avoid. It's made such a difference!"

From:  Sandra Austin <XXXXX@gmail.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, October 2, 2006 10:42 am

"Thank God for your book!"

You have included so much useful information and resources in one place it saves me from having to do the searching myself.

I especially like the information on how to increase my energy and what foods to eat and avoid. It's made such a difference!

I also notice how my stress was making my flares worse and I am getting good at watching the early warning signs to prevent them, thanks to you pointing that out in the book.

You’re a God send. Thank you so much for caring and sharing your story with us!

Sandra Austin, Melbourne, Au., Business Development Consultant

"I am a physician's assistant ...I find your emails very informative... Keep up the good work for those of us who have lupus."

From:  Jim Moreland <XXXXX@aol.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, July 23, 2006 5:26 am

"I am a physician's assistant and just started a family practice. After getting it paid for 'the wolf' came to visit me.

I find the emails very informative ...I have just recently got enough health to start reading what you have to say in your e-Book and I find that you are right on.

Keep up the good work for those of us who have lupus".

Jim Moreland, Physician's Assitant, Business Owner

"Your Book Will Help a Lot of People"...It is Wonderful to Know That
Lupus is a Battle That Can Be Won

From:  Trish B<XXXXX@aol.com>
To: Stacey Becker <healinglupus@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, October 11, 2006 9:38 a.m.

"I found your story very courageous and inspirational. You cover just about everything!"

I liked the fact that you included so many natural treatment options, like diet, breathing exercises and healing visualizations.

Those added bonuses make the book even more comprehensive and offers readers a variety of ways to take their battle against lupus into their own hands.

Your story is very impressive and it is wonderful to know that lupus is a battle that can be won."

Your book will help a lot of people, both physically and mentally!"

Trish B., Freelance Writer, Massachusetts, U.S.A.



You will learn how to conquer lupus with a
practical, effective step-by-step guide you can begin to use immediately!

Stacey's e-Book is helping many lupus sufferers benefit with alternative treatments for lupus with the hope for a cure.

So, here's what you'll get when you order "I Don't Have Lupus Anymore".

You will discover the specific, proven techniques myself and others have used to heal lupus in a 222 page comprehensive lupus recovery guide.

You will learn how to almost instantly boost your energy and vitality. That alone can drastically improve the quality of your life!

You will also learn the powerful benefits that diet, nutrition and specific supplements will have in supporting your body's immune system, and how to reverse misguided signals your body is sending itself - so that it stops attacking itself!

You will learn answers the most popular questions asked by lupus sufferers, one's that are surely on your mind, and all in one place so you don't need to spend hours searching around for it!

You will have a step-by-step guide that shows you specifically how to apply the principles of alternative healing to your health (literally proven by quantum physics as an effective healing method!)

My book is a holistic approach to health and healing that not only deals with the physical components of lupus, but provides you with practical, powerful tools that will empower you emotionally, spiritually and socially as well. There is no element of living with lupus that has not been addressed!

By now I'm sure you're wondering how much this book is going to cost.

Well, in a minute I'll tell you, but first I want you to consider this...

How much is it going to cost you to continue to live your life with your lupus symptoms?

I don't mean to be harsh, but the biggest lesson I gained from lupus was not to expect things to change without me first taking action and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

I needed to change MY ways which set in motion my healing.

The costs of living with lupus is too high. 

Worrying about future lupus flares, expensive medical bills, miserable hospital stays, fatigue, pain, missing out on social events, not being able to have a normal intimate relationship, concern about having children, being able to work or create the career of your dreams... these are the potential consequences of lupus, plain and simple.

How much will it cost you NOT to cure your lupus?

Well for less than the cost of a couple dinners out or a handful of specialty coffees you can purchase my book for only $29.99!

And when you order today you'll also get every one of the valuable bonuses shown below.

You will also receive these valuable bonuses - FREE



BONUS #1:  2 FREE e-mail consultations  (A $197 value, yours FREE!)

  • Answers to your most burning questions (medical advice can not be offered) and the assurance you have legitimate hope to heal your lupus!!

  • My personal customized support to help you through your specific questions, concerns and issues.

  • A compassionate, friendly place to go to get the acknowledgment you need if others just don't seem to understand what you're going through (and know you're not a hypochondriac!)

  • A list of customized resources to help you according to your specific needs.

BONUS #2:  Lupus Diet Do's and Don'ts eBook (A $47 value, yours FREE!)

  • Essential lupus diet DO's and DON'Ts that you must know before you put another thing in your mouth!

  • Which foods are a 'go' and a 'no' and how to know the difference to avoid triggering a lupus flare

  • A list of anti-stress foods that will help you prevent lupus flares

  • Nutrition for lupus patients FAQ's that doctors are not taught in med school!

  • Foods to compensate for the nutritional side effects from pharmaceutical drugs

Lupus Recipe Book (A $37 value, yours FREE!)

  • An abundance of fast, delicious, easy-to-make recipes for breakfast,
    lunch, and dinner
    that will delight your taste buds

  • Energy booster foods to help your chronic fatigue

  • Easy mix-and-match recipes to help you mix up your meals and makes it easy!

  • An abundance of further resources for healthy lupus diet recipes and nutritional information

Energy Boosting Report  (A $17 value, yours FREE!)

  • A powerful, energy boosting technique (you can begin use right away) to almost instantly enhance your vitality and stamina! (This technique alone gave me the energy, strength and mental clarity to fight for my health)

  • Specific, dietary and nutritional information to help your body cleanse harmful toxins and get your body 'working for you' again

  • How to 'alkaline' your body to provide a 'healing terrain' that will allow your body absorb nutrients and maximize it's energy

A Guide to Boosting and Re-Aligning Your Immune System  (A $27 value, yours FREE!)

  • Specific, alternative healing techniques designed to re-align your 'faulty' immune system and empower your body to reverse it's disease.

  • Eastern healing techniques that direct the immune system to target 'symptom specific' ailments to reduce pain, inflammation, boost energy and induce self-healing

  • How to activate your immune system with conscious control and teach it to carry out 'specific orders' at will

  • Learn about a new, cutting edge biofeedback tool that teaches you to consciously regulate your body's biorhythms to reduce stress and induce an optimal state of relaxation to facilitate self-healing

BONUS #6:  The Power of the Mind to Heal  (A $27 value, yours FREE!)

  • Powerful, mind-over-matter techniques to help you overcome
    stress, fear and panic and replace it with courage, strength and faith

  • How thoughts and emotions have a powerful influence on healing and how to take control of them with a practical, effective step-by-step guide

  • How to 'trick' your body to 're-align' new results by consciously using the 'law of attraction'

  • How beliefs, thoughts, and feelings affect you on the cellular level how to make it 'work for you' rather than against you

  • Learn the mental and emotional foundational principles of health and well-being and how to use the power of the mind to reverse and prevent illness (using a simple 'check point' to keep you on track)

That's more than $350 in value - yours completely free when you order "I Don't Have Lupus Anymore"!

...Not to mention the priceless value of learning how dramatically boost your energy, re-align your immune systems ability to fight and reverse disease (and not your own cells!!), empower yourself to overcome stress, fear and depression and much, much more.

These resources are all yours to implement, and get yourself back on track to health and healing for $29.99



Please Note: This is a time limited offer due to high demand, but I will not be able to continue this offer for long!

Bonus #1-#6 above included... plus:

Bonus #7:   1 Month of Personalized Consulting and Support to Fast-track Your Healing (a $547 value, included!)  

  • Includes 2 Telephone Consultations 

    2 - 30 minute Telephone Consultations setting up your customized healing        protocol, (usually day 1 and day 15 to ensure your program is set up clearly, and going smoothly).

       Note: These often go slightly over, so please ensure you have additional time.

  • 1 Month Email Correspondence to Ensure Success

    Plus one month of personalized email support to help target specific issues, and address your specific questions and needs. 


BONUS #8:  Healing & Weight-Loss Report (A $47 value, included!)

  • How to shed pounds quickly, safely & effectively when battling auto-Immune related issues, and uncomfortable effects of steroids! 

  • Why and how genetics, metabolism and steroids will not affect your weight loss success 

  • Includes a Kick-Start Plan that has had people losing up to a pound a day, up to the first 7 - 14 days 

  • An easy to follow shopping plan, with recipes to get you started

  • A maintenance plan that is flexible, but keeps the pounds off! 

BONUS #9:  Interview with a Scientist and Nobel Nominee on a Groundbreaking Research to Naturally Re-Align the Immune System  (A $47 value, included!)

  • What a Nobel Nominee and Scientist says about Healing Lupus and Auto-Immune Related Disease   

  • The number one cause of disease, and the way to reverse it  

  • What the immune system needs to realign it's 'self-attack' message

  • A step-by-step guide to supplementation for lupus and auto-immune related issues

  • How to re-boot the body's ability restore health from a biochemical level  

  • Why 'Drugs can't cure disease; they never have, and they never will' and what to do about it

Special Limited-Time Offer:  $97.99 

That's more than $950 in value! 

Learn to conquer lupus from someone who has actually healed lupus (since medical doctors don't recognize a cure!)  

The information contained in this eBook addresses the cause of lupus, and what I had to learn that led me to discover how to reverse it and how you can too.

I went from being ill, depressed and suicidal to lupus-free and loving life again.

Take this opportunity to learn how everyday people like you went from being just fine - to living with lupus - to a lupus cure  ...so you (or a loved one) can do the same!

I want to do everything in my power to make sure you start your healing process today.

Either you start to feel better and more energized as soon as you follow the exercises I suggest, or you get a full refund. Plain and simple.

I back every word I say!


Full 1 Year, 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure that you will benefit from my suggestions I offer a 365 day guarantee!

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your results just email me - and I will refund you 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked! (This is applicable for Special Offer #1 only). 

Take one full year to implement the suggestions I outline and just see how you feel!

If the thought of living the rest of your life with lupus is causing you more pain and suffering than you can take, then relax knowing you have an opportunity to find the answers you've been praying for - risk free, for 1 full year!!

Get your copy of my lupus recovery guide now ...and don't wait for your health to get worse!  

 Yes, Stacey, I want to eliminate lupus!

I understand that your eBook I Don't Have Lupus Anymore is downloaded online so I will have access to everything I need in the next 2 minutes! I realize that my order is 100% safe with Paypal.

(Note: Your order will show up as "Paypal" on your credit card statement.)

I also understand that there is no risk to ordering I Don't Have Lupus Anymore because I have1 full year (365 days) to get my money back at ANY time for ANY reason!

To claim your copy of I Don't Have Lupus Anymore just choose one of the options below:

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Step-by-step instructional eBook, with energy boosting techniques, lupus diet do's and don'ts, your lupus recipes eBook, alternative healing techniques to re-boot my immune system back to normal functioning, access to your free email consultations AND every one of the bonus products valued at over $350... all for a one-time investment. 
Just $29.99!

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Step-by-step instructional eBook, with Bonuses #1 - 6, 
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valued at over $950, all for a one-time investment.
Just $97.99!


You may also pay by check or money order. Once we receive your payment by mail we will immediately send you your download link to your eBook via email. You will then be able to download the eBook and every one of the bonuses online.   

Stacey Becker
#117-12633 No. 2 Rd.
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Don’t let your life continue to be turned upside down by lupus... 

Many lupus sufferers end up in enduring pain, with irreparable organ damage, confined to a wheelchair and dependent on others.

Chronic fatigue, hair loss, devastating medication side effects, irritating skin rash, migraines, nausea, weight gain, breathing problems are at risk if you don't do something NOW.

Despair and depression from not being able to spend time with loved ones or watch your children grow up is a price that is far too high to pay.

If you don't learn how to cure your lupus symptoms through reading my book and applying what I tell you, how will you ever overcome this horrible disease and take your life back?

Let's face it. Your health is in your hands.

Why risk living the rest of your life with lupus when you have the chance to learn from others who have actually healed their lupus?

  • Take back your energy and vitality and enjoy spending time with your loved ones again

  • Reclaim your mobility and independence and follow your goals and dreams

  • Do the things you once loved to do - work in your garden or go dancing again!

  • Get married, have kids, and re-instate your social life

  • Take your life back from lupus for good!

For each and every one of you suffering from lupus, I pray that you reach inside and find the strength and courage to fight this disease.

If you would like some words of encouragement and understanding from someone who's been in your shoes, please feel free to email me at the my personal email address: healinglupus@gmail.com

With blessings, wishing you the best of health and happiness.

May you live the life of your dreams -  lupus free!


Stacey Becker

P.S.  If you don't do something different then what will change in your life and how will you get better?! I have put my heart and soul into this book, sharing with you all that I learned about healing lupus. If you have lupus, please implement the techniques I share, this book was written specifically with you in mind.

I may not have time in the future to offer personal email consultations. Please take advantage of this offer now, if you would like my personal bonus consultations.

If you don't gain value from the book
just let me know and I'll refund every penny... AND you can keep every one of the bonuses as my way of saying, "thank-you for trusting me enough to let me help you improve your health"!

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, a day or a year but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever."

Lance Armstrong, 7x winner of Tour de France after being told there was no hope for a cure for his 'terminal' cancer.


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