I Don't Have Lupus Anymore


How to Conquer Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis & Autoimmune Disease NATURALLY



Welcome to the 2nd edition of Healing Lupus and Autoimmune Disease.

My name is Stacey Becker, and I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore, as verified by MD’s and Autoimmune Specialists at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It’s now been over 20 years since I healed lupus.

If you or a loved one is living with painful, debilitating symptoms of lupus or autoimmune disease, or you’re afraid you may be experiencing early lupus symptoms, then I encourage you to review the information below to the very end.

There is a lot to cover!

If you suffer from autoimmune disease then you’re probably…

  • Chronically fatigued, exhausted doing the smallest of chores, never knowing from moment to moment when the next bout of acute fatigue will strike
  • Living in terrible pain with stiff joints, painful muscles, neural issues, possible organ involvement, potentially leaving you bed ridden and dependent on others
  • Terrified of not being well enough to go to work, or to provide for and take care of your family
  • Scared when a debilitating flare will hit next making it difficult to plan ahead, or spend quality time with loved ones
  • Worried about pharmaceutical side effects (which are many and potentially severe), how bad the disease will get, and how to live a ‘life sentence’ with your disease

All of the above concerns understandably cause EXTREME STRESS, which only makes your condition worse and exacerbates the cycle of painful flares.

That is why it is vital you take action to reduce inflammation, now.

The longer disease has a chance to take hold, the harder it is to reverse

If that’s not bad enough, you may also be…

  • Afraid of health insurance costs, hospital stays, medical bills, or don’t have health insurance when you need it most, dealing with painful flares
  • Concerned about what others think who don’t understand your illness, when they say ‘but you don’t look sick’, while barely able to get out of bed, focus, take care of kids, make meals, attend activities, let alone enjoy life
  • Acutely stressed, perhaps dealing with relationship difficulties that only deplete you of what little energy you do have
  • Worried about living a normal life, being able to have kids, go to University, pursue lifelong goals and career, enjoy a relationship, or live a happy, healthy life to your potential

I had those concerns too.

I lived in chronic fatigue, constant pain, quit my full-time Master’s Degree, was tormented in an unhealthy relationship (with someone who accused me of ‘faking my illness’), and was afraid I’d live the rest of my life bed ridden… or worse.

I was in acute stress and didn’t have the energy to do anything to help myself.

I also pondered the ultimate ‘out’, suicide.  The odds weren’t on my side.

Now I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore, and I’m Not the Only One! Even better…


When I healed lupus I thought a lot about writing a book on my healing experience. At the time, not only was healing lupus something I had never heard of anyone doing before, I didn’t think anyone would actually believe it was possible!

Then something happened that changed everything. I met someone at a conference that had also healed lupus, but in an entirely different way. 

I wrote my book. Testimonials of healing rolled in.

But it wasn’t enough.

I wanted to ensure people had maximal probability of success in their healing journey, since what works best for one person may not work as well for another.

So I continued to research and learn of even more testimonies and modalities for healing.

From that research I created a step-by-step, COMPREHENSIVE program that address the 3 components of healing.

Some of the Healing Modalities We Used to Heal Include:


Lupus Diet Do’s and Don’ts


Gut repair

Food Sensitivity & Allergy Identification

…and more


Managing and dealing with chronic and acute stress

Dealing with and working through deep emotional trauma

Building and strengthening self-empowering habits

Paradigm shift (See Sharon’s and Yolanda’s testimonial!)

…and more


Religious approach, with faith in God or higher power

Spiritual enlightenment through ‘Self-Realization’  

Energy medicine, often associated with ‘Mystical’ healing

Prayer and divine intervention

…and more


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I’ve seen the deceptive and useless scams out there, and am deeply saddened by it. In order to combat any skepticism you may have…

I Offer a Full 6 MONTH Guarantee

…while you implement the healing protocol and begin your journey back to health!

Now that is hopefully no longer a concern, take a few minutes to review the following information that may help you, or a loved one, reverse the pain and suffering of autoimmune disease.

At minimum, you will greatly reduce the pain of inflammatory symptoms and take control of your health!

There is 1 caveat…


You WILL absolutely expedite your healing results
when you implement a comprehensive healing protocol
 utilizing several modalities that reduce inflammation at the CAUSAL LEVEL

It is my intention and greatest prayer to help you on your path to reclaim your health. You are not alone, you have my support, and there is hope for a full recovery!

A Little About My Story

When I was first diagnosed with lupus I had just started my Master’s program in Psychology, at Carleton University, in Ottawa Ontario. 

Due to acute fatigue I dropped all but two of my courses just to force myself out of bed.

In addition to extremely low energy I also had horribly painful joints, aching muscles, a constant low-grade fever, an irritating skin rash, deep depression, and I tested positive for ANA autoantibodies in my blood work up.

Each and every day it felt like a marathon just to get out of bed, take a shower and get dressed.

On my very first visit to the Rheumatologist’s office I was told:

‘Come back when you’re worse and I’ll put you on steroids’

That statement sent shock waves up my spine.

Placing my hand on the door knob to leave the office I vowed I would never go back to see the so called ‘specialist’ again, and I would somehow heal.

For some strange reason I was convinced there must be a way.

Although I have a Bachelor Degree in both Psychology and Human Kinetics, it never taught me about the mind-body connection (I was forced to learn through my illness) that ultimately led to my complete recovery, not just a lengthy lupus remission.

I spent months investigating what potentially caused my lupus. I figured if I could ‘crack the code’ as to why my body succumbed to it in the first place, then I could find my way to a potential solution.

I cracked the code, and… I got my healing.

Although I got my answer, it occurred to me that given the medical claim lupus is ‘incurable’ I would have a hard time being believed by others.

My own parents wouldn’t even believe me, until they took me to the Mayo Clinic and heard from the medical ‘specialists’ I was lupus-free!

There are no words to tell you how grateful I am to have found an answer.

There are also no words to tell you how thrilled I am when someone else tells me they have also healed! 

I hope that by now you have decided to…


Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of people over the years I have surveyed their most burning questions, so that I can be sure to address their most important concerns.

(When you sign up for the Newsletter, you’ll be sent that survey too.)

It deeply saddens me to think of the millions of autoimmune sufferers who accept ‘incurable’ as their best health case scenario, and I pray that you are here to challenge the ‘no cure’ prognosis!

This information is equally applicable for other ‘incurable’ illness, as the ‘root’ of healing is very much the same for all disease!

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In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to dramatically boost your energy and vitality in as little as a few minutes (yes, really!) This technique alone gave me the energy to get out of bed each day and fight!
  • How to control, even eliminate painful flares with numerous anti-inflammatory techniques to keep you out of pain and out of the hospital
  • Essential lupus diet do’s and don’ts you MUST follow to promote and expedite your body’s ability to heal and keep from inadvertently triggering a flare
  • Which supplement protocol every patient with autoimmune disease should take (also used by Nobel Nominee patients) to realign the body’s self-attack signal
  • How to reduce painful muscles and joints naturally
  • Numerous testimonials of healing lupus and autoimmune disease, (I highly recommend anyone deeply concerned about reversing their illness be sure to read this section for inspiration to help overcome fear, doubt and stress)
  • Delicious fast, easy-to-make nutritious anti-inflammatory recipes, with healthy food alternatives, in place of old unhealthy options!
  • Lupus and pregnancy – What you must know and do if you’re expecting, or planning on having a baby
  • The power of prayer on healing, including renowned Pastors who teach healing through divine intervention and share countless cases of healing miracles
  • How to best support others suffering from lupus and autoimmune disease, with specific emotional and social strategies to help them fight it (if you’re a supporter reading this)
  • What exacerbates lupus, plus environmental triggers to watch out for
  • What side effects result from the most common pharmaceutical drugs you should watch out for (from mild to deadly), and what you must ask your doctor when he hands you a prescription
  • Lupus in children and the role of heredity, what you need to know if your child is ill
  • How subconscious emotional habits (you may not even know you have) influence your physical health, keeping you in unnecessary pain and suffering, and how to re-empower your ‘paradigm’  to clear and overcome deep emotional wounds
  • How to use energy medicine and ‘mind over matter’ healing techniques (with specific instructions from a renowned distance ‘healer’, teacher of quantum physics and international public speaker)

Crystal L.

In Nov of 06′ I was diagnosed with LUPUS. I was loving life and in less than 3 months I couldn’t walk, couldn’t do anything without it being a struggle, even getting off the couch hurt so much it made me cry – every joint popped with pain. I was at the point of being in a wheelchair and needed help with everything.

The only doctor I saw prescribed me sleeping pills, pain pills and STEROIDS–wished me luck…. And said lupus was uncurable.

After I read your book- I DON’T HAVE LUPUS ANYMORE [June 07] I realized you were right in so many ways, so I started to change things: my daily routine, my diet, to really look at how I eat, and what I eat, to read the food packages.


THE biggest thing for me is that I was able to regain the use of my joints again within 6 months… that is amazing by anyone’s standards…


H U G S, my Heart to your Heart
Crystal L

***See the Testimonies of Healing Section in the book for Crystal’s full story on healing lupus.

Flower 2

Oren H.

Dear Stacey,

In January 2008 I was diagnosed with lupus.

I then came across your book and subscribed to your email course. I am very grateful for your wisdom, your sharing, your healing and your work.

You are a voice that opened up a very deep process within me that took me (and still is) into the depths of my soul, my beliefs, my cells, and my patterns… Looking back I had lupus since 2003, I can actually pinpoint the time I felt it first erupt; I just wasn’t diagnosed until 2008.

I am very joyous to say that my blood indicators are clean, and that I have healed.

I saw my rheumatologist at the beginning of November and he was happy to inform me that I am lupus free

The body is a beautiful partner, and I feel that it really feels the intention to heal, and it feels that I am listening to the messenger, so it is allowing the healing…

I would really like to thank you for spreading your knowledge of healing.

You can add me to those that healed.

So, a deep heartfelt love for you, dear Stacey.


Oren H.

Hazel G.

Stacey Becker,

My inspiration…without you, I would not have been here for sure…I owe you my life Stacey… 🙂

Hazel G

Flower 3
Flower 4

Teresa E.

Hi Stacey,

It’s been 1 1/2 years that I have been lupus free.

The power of the mind and will power to eat the right foods really is the solution. 

I met an Ayurvedic Doctor (he is also a Catholic Priest), while reading your book.  What a coincidence, he just reinforced what was in your book.

He taught me yoga. It helped me a lot. I am doing the Luigi’s exercise 3 times a week now also.

A few months ago, I met a Bangladeshi Nun; she had lupus for 5 years.  She has gone through all the steroids and stuff.

I encouraged her to try your natural healing protocol, as I did. The last time I spoke to her she was already doing much better!

Thanks for all your work and encouragement.

God Bless you and what you do!

Whether you are early in your diagnosis - or later - it is essential to remove the fuel that fires disease & implement an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY protocol ASAP

As you can see from the above testimonies, there are many success stories of healing! You can spend countless hours researching sites online, visiting doctor’s offices (hoping they have answers they are not trained in – versus symptom suppression), or hop from one place to the next with the latest ‘fad’, or…

Save your time and energy and implement natural healing modalities others have
already successfully used to heal…

The information provided in I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore address the physical, emotional, spiritual and social issues of suffering from autoimmune disease, with practical, effective natural healing solutions you can begin to use right away.

I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore Also Answers the Following Common Concerns:

  • How to identify the root cause of your inflammation triggering the autoimmune response
  • What steps you must take to avoid losing your hair, and what to do to help it grow back
  • How to overcome chronic stress and severe depression
  • Numerous natural alternative treatment modalities others have used to heal, and how to know which best for you
  • Techniques to facilitate your body’s ability to reverse and repair tissue and organ damage
  • How to halt a flare dead in its tracks when you’re right in the middle of one (hint: stop fueling the fire!)
  • Where to find on-site, supervised natural healing retreats to help you detox, and implement natural alternative protocols to fast track your healing
  • Lupus and photosensitivity – Can I go in the sun?
  • What the specific criteria for a lupus diagnosis currently are
  • How to detect early warning signs and symptoms of lupus and keep it from getting worse
  • How to reduce the financial burden – insurance cost issues, missed work, and meds
  • What simple, gentle exercise you can do when bed ridden to strengthen muscles, promote circulation, increase energy, and help reduce the risk of blood clots
  • Emotional coping techniques for anxiety, depression and severe stress to get you through the rough patches (I was suicidal when I was ill – this is an extremely important section for many of us)
  • Unusual rare symptoms of lupus that doctors often don’t know about, so you know you’re not crazy or just ‘imagining’ it

… and so much more.

Make yourself a priority and give healing a committed shot

Not only will you create and sustain life-long, optimal health, you will also save thousands of dollars in medical expenses (especially for those in the USA!).

Faith, belief and prayer are powerful allies and you have legitimate reason to
have faith you can heal too!

Linda L.

Thank you for all the help you have given so many people.

Due to cutting out gluten completely my lupus is completely under control. 

I had a sore throat for 3 years prior to this. I was not able to grip anything as my joints were so swollen.

I am playing my guitar and singing, and I am not tired all the time.

Thanks to you from me and all my fans, who probably would not be hearing my music without you.

Love and light to you, and Lots of Love,



Virginia V.

Hi, Stacey,

I have been back at work from Short Term Disability a few weeks now and I just have to tell you thank you for the emails you sent me.

You helped me more then you will ever know.

The Doctors found out that I did not have Lupus but another type of autoimmune disease called Sjodran’s Syndrome and also I am Glutton intolerant.  It’s not as bad as Lupus but still takes some adjusting too.

I have to watch what I eat and the medications I take. I have chosen not to take any prescriptions for it.  I am controlling it with food, vitamins, and oils.

When you first told me of how to reverse Lupus with a change in diet I knew that was what I needed to do.

I feel great and continue to get better every day.  I am having a tough time picking up my weight, but I think in time I will gain it back.  I eat only healthy foods and no processed foods.

I have to applaud you for your time and the information you gave me. This is what helped me get through lupus and the worst time in my life.

I am seeing a Chiropractor to get my body back in order.  He is working with my foods, vitamins, and exercise. It’s working very well.

Thank you so much for all that you have done and are doing for me and others. You have made a difference in my life.


Virginia V.

Nancy P.

Stacey, if I could talk to you in person I would be talking for hours.

Your book was perhaps one of the best books I have read on lupus, not only for all the information but how it took us as readers into your experiences and your life.

In so much of your life, I felt I was there with you reading my own life.

It was one of the most honest, motivational testimonies I have ever read and I hope it will enable me to make a lot of those changes in my life as I do need too.

I am 63, so I got lupus late, but I think I have had it for years.  It has mainly attacked my nervous system and my GI system

Thank you again for a very inspirational book and I hope you write another.

Nancy P.



Hi, Stacey,

I was impressed with your eBook.

I found your site after visiting my Doctor, who was as much use as a chocolate teapot. 

I have discoid lupus, which appears on my face only. (This was diagnosed after a biopsy was taken).   I get swollen knees, hands and feet and get pain in my hip joints.  I am tired most of the time and am suffering a bout of depression.   I had a real outbreak on my face and went yet again to my GP who has referred me to a dermatologist.

In the last two weeks, I have stopped all caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, and tomatoes plus no junk food.

I have lost 5lbs in 2 weeks and my face is now healing nicely.

There are no support groups in my area, so I am going to start one.  I will certainly recommend your website.

When I first got depression I decided I had two choices.  Let the depression take a hold and fall into a deep dark hole, or do something positive.  I chose the second option after reading your eBook.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Your friend




I want to thank you for helping me to better understand and maintain my lupus flares.

Since receiving your weekly updates on how to control lupus and following your advice, I’ve not felt this great in 6 months.

You are a Godsend.

It’s a shame that physicians don’t share the knowledge and enthusiasm for the need of healing lupus as you do.

Please continue your great work. You have made a HUGE difference in my life.

I am now enjoying my days to the full extent filled with activities!

Stacey, thank you and I look forward to reading more of your findings.

Sincerely Grateful,



Virginia W.


Thank you for the information….I know it will help.

I have lost 21 pounds and working on my new way of eating and exercises.

I am having more better days than bad days.

Bless you and keep up the good work.

Virginia W.

Greta G.

Good morning Stacey,

This is Greta, hope you remember me. I was one of the subscribers of your book, “I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore”…

I wanna share a very important point with you about how I got cured of lupus. I mean there are no symptoms of lupus anymore in my body today.

It’s something which was inspired from your books itself. So it means if I had not bought your book, I still would have been a lupus patient today.

Well, when I read your book, I got inspired by your section which deals about Eastern healing techniques.

I was very much inspired by it. I started googling for some techniques in India (where I live), as luck favored me, I saw something called ‘PRANA-VIOLET-HEALING’.

To my surprise, I have been healed of lupus through this technique 🙂

I am so glad that you mention Eastern healing. It worked for me!

Have a wonderful day ahead!


Greta Grace


Many Healing Testimonials Come From JUST Implementing a

It is a fast, inexpensive way to support the healing process you should implement immediately, if you haven’t already.

Keep in mind it’s not just about the food you are eating.

I have had many people tell me they eat a healthy vegan diet but are not seeing the results they want – my Diet Do’s and Don’ts section explains the likely reasons why.

It’s about learning what, if any, foods are triggering your autoimmune system,
identifying gut issues, and effectively and efficiently ridding your body of toxins.

Without correcting this, your body is fighting itself.

If you are not currently eating an enzyme-rich, alkaline plant based diet, I HIGHLY recommend you start with the Lupus Diet Do’s and Don’ts section of the book, and follow it to the ‘T’.

It is important to learn exactly what to eat, what not to eat, how to properly detox your body, identify your specific food sensitivities, digestive triggers, and understand the why’s behind the dietary protocol.

Since knowledge is power, you’ll have a clearer understanding (and better motivation!) as to what NOT to eat, and of course, what to eat.

In addition, I include delicious recipes, healthy food alternative options, and all of the information you need to make informed dietary decisions.

I Also Discuss Several Potential Digestive ROOT Causes of Lupus
***Helping You Identify YOUR Triggers***
to Prevent Flares

There are many savvy healthy eaters out there, but please review this section to help you potentially identify your autoimmune trigger.   

Our immune system lives in the gut. Health Issues such as:

pH levels


Celiac Disease

Lack of Enzymes

Leaky Gut Syndrome

HCL levels (hydrochloric acid)

Food Allergies, Sensitivities & Intolerances

…are all highly correlated with autoimmune disease, and many people experience a reversal of symptoms once the primary root cause and autoimmune trigger is addressed.

I discuss how to correct each of these in the Lupus Diet Do’s and Don’ts section.


Doctors do not have the answers to natural healing, (and expecting that they do is almost unfair, since they are not trained in natural alternative healing modalities).

The cost of living a life racked with pain from lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and arthritis or any disease is far too high.

Worrying about future flares, expensive medical bills, and miserable hospital stays, fatigue, pain, missing out on social events, relationships, future career plans, the possibility of having children are just a few reasons to get on a healing protocol right away.

Your health is in your hands when it comes down to it.

Learn how everyday people reclaimed their life – lupus free.

I understand if you’re skeptical, I get it. I’ve seen a lot of nonsense information out there myself as I continue to research current natural alternative therapies for healing.

My Full 6 Month, 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I want you to have every opportunity to take your health back, RISK FREE with my personal guarantee.

I am so sure that you will benefit from my suggestions I offer a 6 month guarantee! I recommend you keep a journal of what you’ve implemented over a 3 month period to show me you’ve made every effort at healing. This may help me direct your future efforts, yet the guarantee is still honored.

If you feel you have not benefited from implementing the Healing Protocol, just email me and your money is 100% guaranteed, with a full refund. (This is applicable for Special Offer #1 only). 

Take up to 6 months – risk free – to implement the suggestions I outline and see how much better you feel.

You may have just have the answer you’ve been praying for, start your healing journey today, risk-free!


Special eBook Re-Launch Offer *to MARCH 15TH ONLY*

I have recently added even more content and expert interviews; including a new supplement protocol designed to realign the immune systems faulty attack message.

I spent countless hours with Ron, enzymologist and Nobel Nominee, discussing his success helping others reverse autoimmune disease. I also recently added a case study he conducted on lupus patients resulting in over 90 percent healing success!

Ron has kindly agreed to work with my readers, and I will be making teleconferences available for you to ask him questions about your own personal needs.

I have also added Heidi’s new healing testimonial; after having had lupus for 10 years she found a Nutrient Balance and Detox Protocol that changed her life – within 4 months! In our interview she shares how countless others have done the same, using her healing program.

Lupus has been healed before and through several different modalities! Please go to whatever section is of the most concern for you first. If you are not eating an alkaline, anti-inflammatory diet, please go to Lupus Diet Do’s and Don’ts. If you are acutely low in energy, please see ‘How to Dramatically Boost Your Energy’.

I recommend everyone see my Interviews with Nobel Nominee, on a powerful supplementation protocol to help realign your immune system others have used to heal autoimmune disease.

Go through each section at your own speed, but please cover every section.

The more you reduce inflammation through the various modalities discussed, the less pain and potential for flares, and most importantly: the sooner the potential to conquer lupus!


  • 3 Months 1-on-1 EMAIL Mentoring Consults
  • $597.00

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY I am offering 3 months email mentoring consultations.

You will have access to my personal email so I can help get you on track with your own custom healing program.

There are a record number of people with nowhere to turn, avoiding doctors due to lack of insurance or high medical costs and unable to get the help they need.

My goal is to help as many as possible toward their healing goal. Since there is only one of me this is a very limited time offer!

Note: Offer ends March 15th.

  • eBook: Summary of What’s Included
  • $97.97

I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore – My Story

Lupus Diet Do’s and Don’ts

How to Dramatically Boost Your Energy

Delicious Recipes for Healing Autoimmune Disease

Testimonials of Healing Lupus and Autoimmune Disease

The Power of the Mind to Heal

Healing with Energy Medicine

Top Supplements for Healing Autoimmune Disease


Interview (1 & 2) with Nobel Nominee 

Supplement Protocol and Case Study Reversing Lupus

Bonus #1:  VALUE – $79.97

Interview with Energy Healer Dr. Forrest

Her Story and Method Healing Lupus and Chronic Asthma

Bonus #2: VALUE – $49.97

Interview - Another Success Story Healing Lupus

A proven protocol healing through detox and nutritional balancing.

Bonus #3: VALUE – $29.97

Interview with Renowned Naturopath

His 3-Part Natural Healing and Detox Protocol

Bonus #4: VALUE – $49.97

Healing and Weightloss

How to Lose Weight When Battling Autoimmune Disease

Bonus #5: VALUE – $39.97

Lupus and Pregnancy

What to Know and Do When Expecting

Bonus #6: VALUE – $29.97

Powerful, Cutting Edge Supplements

2 Reports – In the News

Bonus #7: VALUE – $69.97

Healing Resources for Body – Mind – Spirit

A Powerful Guide for Healing Support

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Facebook Group

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Special Offer #1

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3 Months EMAIL Consult 

Regular Price – $97.97

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Here’s a More Detailed Overview of What’s Included in the eBook:

I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore

  • My personal story healing lupus, and how I went from being sick and suicidal to healthy and loving life again, lupus-free
  • The KEY element I discovered in ‘cracking the code’ to healing disease – now understood and backed up scientifically through quantum physics research
  • Lupus FAQ’s, including diagnosis, prognosis, current treatment approaches, pharmaceutical side effects (and what to do to minimize it)
  • Answers to your most burning questions from hundreds I have personally surveyed

Lupus Diet Do’s and Don’ts

  • Essential Lupus Diet Do’s and Don’ts you must know before you put another thing in your mouth to avoid a flare (or make one worse!)
  • A list of digestive issues KNOWN to be causal triggers for lupus onset, and how to determine if any of these are associated with your health issues
  • Which foods are a ‘go’ and which are a ‘no’, plus a detailed explanation of the why behind the Do’s and Don’ts to MOTIVATE you to stay on track with your new healing dietary protocol
  • A specific nutrient-loading healing protocol to get you well on your way to reducing inflammatory reactions – plus which foods help you compensate for the side effects from pharmaceutical drugs – and handy food charts for your convenience
Lupus diet do's and don'ts

Delicious Recipes for Healing Autoimmune Disease

Lupus diet recepies
  • Delicious, easy-to-make, nutrient rich recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, plus healthy drinks, treats, snacks, and sauces that will delight your taste buds!
  • A comprehensive list of food alternatives and replacements, with measurements and suggestions for best use
  • Energy booster foods that you should have on hand, to help maximize your stamina and energy
  • Efficient meal planning tips that don’t take a lot of time or energy …and much more!

How to Dramatically Boost Your Energy

  • A powerful, step-by-step energy boosting technique you can use anywhere, anytime to almost instantly increase your energy (I credit this technique for saving my life, and literally giving me the energy to fight lupus)
  • The most important daily energy enhancing protocol you must follow to maximize your vitality, and prevent (or reduce) painful flares
  • A specific dietary and supplementation protocol to help turbo boost your energy and get your body ‘working for you again’
  • A simple, powerful technique to dramatically support your vitality, digestion and nutrient absorption (hint: enzyme load and eat ONLY fruit until noon!)

The Power of the Mind to Heal

  • Specific power of the mind healing TECHNIQUES (based on science, quantum physics and Universal Law), and how I (accidentally) used it to become lupus free
  • Powerful, mind-over-matter techniques to help you overcome anxiety, stress, fear and panic and replace it with faith, strength and courage
  • How to ‘trick your body’ to realign the autoimmune response and make the ‘law of attraction’ (A.K.A. FAITH!) work for you
  • How thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect you on a cellular level  and lead to fear and disease; or faith and inspired action, plus… how to reinforce inspired action into a healing reality

Healing with Energy Medicine

  • Cutting edge Energy Medicine approaches to healing, with specific healing exercises you can begin to use immediately
  • The power of visualization over the cellular response, and how Masters of the far East teach visualization to heal disease
  • Breathing exercises to dramatically oxygenize the blood, increase energy and vitality, alkaline the body and promote the healing process
  • How to use the power of visualization and internal paradigms (beliefs) to transform health

Top Supplements for Healing Autoimmune Disease

Supplements for Healing Lupus
  • The most powerful and effective supplementation protocol to conquer pain, increase energy, reduce inflammation, and support the healing process (also used by Nobel Nominee and Enzymologist to heal his patients of autoimmune disease)
  • The safest way to alkaline the body (and reduce constipation)
  • The most powerful supplement on the market to realign the immune system’s faulty ‘attack’ message
  • How to heal the digestive tract, plus promote the proper absorption of essential  minerals and nutrients necessary for the healing process

Testimonies of Healing Lupus and Autoimmune Disease

  • Several testimonies of healing and the different modalities used (such as diet, gut repair, detox, supplementation, identifying/removing toxic triggers, power of the mind, divine intervention, and more)
  • A separate report and interview on a doctors own journey through healing lupus
  • The one thing that each and every person did to ‘manifest a healing’
  • Inspiration from others who were sick and depressed  to living lupus-free


Interview #1 – What a Nobel Nominee says is the single most important supplement one MUST take to realign the immune systems ‘faulty attack message

  • The single most important supplement REQUIRED to facilitate the healing process
  • Digestive issues associated with lupus and autoimmune disease, and how to combat it
  • A step-by-step guide to supplementation for lupus and autoimmune disease – with the 5 step healing protocol utilized in reversing lupus
  • The number one cause of disease, how to reverse it and re-boot the body’s ability to restore health and heal at the root of the health issue

Interview #2 – With Nobel Nominee and His Case Study: 34/36 Lupus Patients Reverse Lupus

  • A case study of lupus sufferers – each of whom had 100 percent reversal of symptoms with all those that followed through on an 8 month healing protocol
  • The key to preventing and reversing leaky gut and triggering an autoimmune response
  • The best supplementation protocol you must follow to ensure you are supporting the healing process
  • Why drugs can’t cure disease, never have or never will!

Interview with a Doctor – Her Story Healing Lupus and Chronic Bronchial Asthma

  • The effect of emotional trauma on disease – a testimony of trauma on manifesting disease and the power of emotional healing in reversing it
  • A multi-disciplined approach to healing, with diet, energy medicine, and the power of the mind
  • How turning your back on God when in crisis backfires!
  • How your perceived ‘identity’ either creates pain and sickness, or healing and wellness

Interview – Another Success Story: Healing Through Nutritional Balance & Detox

  • Why being in supreme physical shape doesn’t mean you can’t get lupus!
  • How a 10 year struggle with lupus took a 180 degree turn to healing within 4 months, through a powerful detox and nutritional balance protocol
  • The ‘master antioxidant’ the body needs to promote detox which dramatically boosts energy production
  • The key supplement needed to reduce cortisol levels that regulates the stress response and maximizes the healing process

Interview with Renowned Naturopath – on Healing Disease Naturally

  • What a renowned naturopath says on the role of toxins on health, and how to reverse it naturally with simple – and cutting edge – detox approaches
  • How healing is a function of the ‘mind’ as much as it is the body and the role stress plays on disease
  • 3 pronged healing protocol for autoimmune disease
  • Dietary importance of feeding the body with what it needs to heal

Healing and Weightloss – How to Lose Weight When Battling Autoimmune Disease

  • How to shed pounds quickly, safely and effectively when battling autoimmune disease and the effects of steroids on weight gain
  • Why and how genetics, metabolism and steroids are not necessarily the culprit to weight gain
  • A Kick-start plan to help you lose up to one pound a day (up to the first 14 days), and a flexible, delicious maintenance plan – that won’t feel like a maintenance plan!
  • Easy to follow shopping plan with recipes to get you started

Lupus and Pregnancy – What to Know and Do When Expecting

  • What you must know and prepare for when you’re expecting
  • Should I or shouldn’t I? – what to consider when evaluating whether to have a baby if you have lupus
  • The key questions you must ask your doctor when planning on having a baby
  • A helpful cheat-sheet to support the process

Cutting Edge Supplements for Healing – Supplements in the News

  • 2 powerful supplements that have had enormous success in supporting the healing process
  • The role of oxidation on disease (and aging!) and how one supplement has found itself in a new category of its own in reducing oxidative stress on the body (a causal factor of disease)
  • Testimonies and success stories of healing

Healing Resources for Body – Mind – Spirit – A Powerful Guide for Healing Support

  • A useful healing resources guide, including: Onsite Natural Healing Organizations, Books on Dietary Healing, Nutritional Healing Cookbooks, Nutritional Healing Websites, Documentaries on Food, Health and Healing,  TV and Online Christian and Spiritual Healing Resources, Spiritual and Inspirational Healing Books, Alternative Healing Modalities Websites, Pharmaceutical Side Effects.

Facebook Group – Coming Soon!

  • Connect with like-minded friends who support each-other with healing resources, motivation, inspiration, recipes, and anything you like!
  • ALL things positive – a place to share and experience your healing journey together in a safe, loving, compassionate place

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Follow a Protocol Others Successfully Used to Heal

As you can see, the information in the book plus all of the bonus material is extensive.

What matters most is that you take action and USE the information to take back your health.

Always remember, lupus can and has been healed before.

I think of disease as a fire – the more hoses you point at it, the higher the probability of successfully eliminating it!

Don’t risk living the rest of your life in pain and suffering. Take back your health and do the things you love!

Get married, go to University, have kids, implement your passion project, enjoy your friends and family, in great health and vitality and be all you were born to be.

Reach deep inside and fight!


Begin your risk-free, step-by-step healing protocol;
It is my deepest prayer YOU TOO become another testimony of healing!

May you live the life of your dreams, lupus-free!


Stacey Becker

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