I Don't Have Lupus Anymore


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  • eBook: Summary of What’s Included
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I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore – My Story

Lupus Diet Do’s and Don’ts

How to Dramatically Boost Your Energy

Delicious Recipes for Healing Autoimmune Disease

Testimonials of Healing Lupus and Autoimmune Disease

The Power of the Mind to Heal

Healing with Energy Medicine

Top Supplements for Healing Autoimmune Disease


Interview (1 & 2) with Nobel Nominee 

Supplement Protocol and Case Study Reversing Lupus

Bonus #1:  VALUE – $79.97

Interview with Energy Healer Dr. Forrest

Her Story and Method Healing Lupus and Chronic Asthma

Bonus #2: VALUE – $49.97

Interview - Another Success Story Healing Lupus

A proven protocol healing through detox and nutritional balancing.

Bonus #3: VALUE – $29.97

Interview with Renowned Naturopath

His 3-Part Natural Healing and Detox Protocol

Bonus #4: VALUE – $49.97

Healing and Weightloss

How to Lose Weight When Battling Autoimmune Disease

Bonus #5: VALUE – $39.97

Lupus and Pregnancy

What to Know and Do When Expecting

Bonus #6: VALUE – $29.97

Powerful, Cutting Edge Supplements

2 Reports – In the News

Bonus #7: VALUE – $69.97

Healing Resources for Body – Mind – Spirit

A Powerful Guide for Healing Support

Bonus #8: VALUE – $19.97

Facebook Group

Coming Soon!

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Bonus #10: VALUE – $597,00

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Special Offer #1



3 Months EMAIL Consult 

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I am so sure that you will benefit from my suggestions I offer a 6 month guarantee! I recommend you keep a journal of what you’ve implemented over a 3 month period to show me you’ve made every effort at healing. This may help me direct your future efforts, yet the guarantee is still honored!

If you feel you have not benefited from implementing the Healing Protocol, just email me and your money is 100% guaranteed, with a full refund. (This is applicable for Special Offer #1 only). 

Take up to 6 months – risk free – to implement the suggestions I outline and see how much better you feel!

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