Educate ~ Inspire ~ Empower

The purpose of ‘I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore’ is to provide natural,
alternative healing solutions for autoimmune disease, and challenge the
‘no cure’ prognosis.

Audio Summary of the Page


In I Don’t Have Lupus Anymore you will learn how myself – and others – experienced a complete recovery from lupus.

I passionately believe that you can heal too!

Even if you have not been ‘labelled’ as having a specific illness, please do not wait to take action to support your health!

It is imperative to begin an anti-inflammatory healing protocol right away, to reduce and work to eliminate the terrible fatigue, pain and suffering that accompany inflammatory disease and not allow it to get worse.

It is also imperative to learn your specific triggers for flares. Knowing them not only helps you avoid chronic fatigue and pain, it will help identify the underlying cause of your autoimmune issue, and therefore know how to eliminate it – and heal.

My goal is to provide you with comprehensive healing information to help you get well again, NOT just manage lupus and encourage you along the way!

It is utterly heart-breaking to hear the hundreds of stories from subscribers who are dismissed by their doctors.

You’ve probably heard the usual:

  • But you don’t look sick
  • It’s probably just stress
  • Eat whatever you want, diet doesn’t matter
  • No, supplements and herbs don’t help – don’t waste your money
  • You’ll have lupus for the rest of your life; you’ll just have to learn to live with it
  • The tests are inconclusive – we’ll send you for more blood work (often taking years to diagnose, meanwhile NOT addressing the cause!)
  • And for me… Come back when you’re worse and I’ll put you on steroids

I’m here to give you a safe space to be heard and understood. Most importantly I am offering you information myself and others have used to heal.

Information is power, but taking action and implementing your healing protocol is the key to your recovery.

Most people who suffer from autoimmune disease experience extreme stress, anxiety, and depression at some point.


I think one of the best ways to help with that is to reassure you of the numerous testimonials of healing out there!

What may be a cause or trigger for your auto-immune flare may be completely different for someone else.

That is why you’ll hear me repeat over and over again: healing autoimmune disease has occurred through several different modalities’. …and ‘what works best for one person may not work as well for someone else’.

You have every reason to be inspired when you incorporate several different healing modalities into your own journey back to health, that address mind-body-spirit.

By learning and implementing as many modalities for healing as possible, you have drastically increased the probability of taking back your health!


I personally believe the most important element for healing comes down to emotional conviction and making a decision to heal, followed by taking action with your healing program.

Knowledge = Power and knowing what to do
Inspired = Action and implementing what you know

Empowered = Results and implementing what you know until achieved!

Which of the following healing modalities do you feel you need most?

  • An autoimmune anti-inflammatory diet (and learning your food sensitivities and triggers)
  • Detox and nutritional balancing (with proper absorption of nutrients)
  • Correcting digestive issues (commonly associated as a direct cause of A.I. disease)
  • Correcting lifestyle habits (with physically and emotionally positive ones)
  • Identifying personal triggers to flares (dietary, stress, environmental Etc.)
  • Working through severe stress or relationship issues (finding balance and resolution)
  • Power of the Mind to Heal (paradigm shift and personal empowerment)
  • Practicing Energy Medicine (meditation, visualization & other Eastern healing techniques)
  • Faith, Prayer and Divine Intervention (spiritual connection and relationship with God)

There is one common factor for each of the above – each modality alone is a technique responsible for a testimonial of healing; that is great news!

I hope by now you are inspired to take action with your healing protocol.

May you be another testimony of healing, and live the life of your dreams!

With blessings and love,

Stacey Becker P.S. Feel welcome to email me if you would like a little more encouragement 💗