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No man shall change what is written (God’s Universal Law), however he may try to hide it with terms such as ‘incurable’.

Stacey Becker

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Come back when you're worse…

I’m here with a reminder of the conditioning our medical institution places on its patients with labels of disease.

All I ask of you is a little faith and give healing a try.

I didn’t always believe and have faith… I went through a period of total hell in my life living with lupus.

I had moved across the country away from my family and friends, was married and in a toxic relationship, working hard in University to get into my Masters the following year, was isolated, lonely, acutely stressed, and one day my body just broke.

Soon after, I was told by my rheumatologist…

‘Come back when you’re worse and I’ll put you on steroids’

The day I received my lupus diagnosis I was at home and received the phone call from my doctor with the news. She sent me to a so called ‘specialist’ who responded with the quote above.

I was beside myself after my diagnosis, and even more so after my experience with the rheumatologist.

I don’t know what compelled me to do it, something I had never done before. I prayed:God, if you get me out of this mess and help me heal lupus, I will share everything I did with others.’

I received my healing miracle.

It took a while for me to write my story because I was sure no one would believe healing was actually possible. After all, doctors say lupus is ‘incurable’!

My Own Personal Belief & The Greatest Healing Secret Ever Recorded:

In God, All Things are Possible

Matthew 19:26

While living in utter despair and desperation I reached out to God for the first time in my life.

It is with deep respect for all love-based religions and spiritual practices, I believe:  having faith is our greatest ally, and can get us through the toughest of times in a way nothing else can.

Miracles can and do happen, and they can come through several different pathways.

I never knew anyone else who had healed before until…

I met Yolanda.

That was the clincher – I decided to write the book.

Shortly after, readers who implemented the healing protocol discussed in the book contacted me with their own personal success stories healing lupus… Crystal, Oren, Patti, recently Deliene, and so many more!

In addition, I learned of others who had also healed, (including Dr. Forrest and Heidi, two of the testimonials in the book). 

Each of us has powerful stories of healing.

What’s best…

We Healed Using Several Different Natural Healing Modalities:

Crystal’s healing came through a change in diet

Sharon’s in large part through emotional healing

Heidi, through a supplementation and detox program

Yolanda through ‘the power of the mind’ and reclaiming her worth

Myself, through a paradigm shift, prayer and divine intervention

…And that’s just for starters!

That was a big ‘aha’ for me.

It meant I had to keep learning and sharing additional healing modalities in order to provide the BEST VALUE, and offer information that has the maximal potential for healing success.

What works best for one, may not work as well for another after all, it makes total sense!

So I kept researching, learning, documenting, and adding additional natural healing modalities others used to heal after the first publication of the book. 

Each and every testimony is inspiration you can heal too!

I have found over and over again… The more healing modalities you shoot at the fire (inflammation), the higher the likelihood of putting it out (reducing inflammation), and healing.


Those who incorporate a multi-discipline, holistic approach experience the fastest healing results

Healing autoimmune disease has occurred through:

  • Autoimmune Diet
  • Healing the Gut
  • Identifying Autoimmune Triggers
  • Addressing food sensitivities and allergies
  • Detox
  • Specific Supplementation Protocols
  • Energy Medicine
  • Prayer and Divine Intervention
  • Lifestyle Strategies
  • Emotional Healing
  • Power of the Mind

…and more.

Each natural healing technique is a potential key to recovery, and must be a part of a holistic protocol, if one is to maximize their healing success!

A Little About Me

I grew up the last of 5 kids.

My brother Ben is the eldest, 2 ½ years older. Brucyne, Cliff and Stan, are all about 2 minutes (or less!) older, as I’m last of quadruplets.

I was extremely shy growing up, and always felt like ‘the black sheep’ in the family, like I just didn’t fit in. We all got along great, but I just seemed to see things different than everyone else.

I was also known as the ‘rebel’ and ‘stubborn’.

Ironically what I was, really, is terribly sensitive. Feelings mattered. Everyone’s feelings; and defending it got me into trouble. To me, I was just sticking up for what I believed in; I wasn’t sure why it would elicit a negative label.

So I hid.

I hid behind in average grades, by not sharing my opinion in public, and not taking on leadership roles.

In general, I stayed below the radar to avoid attention.

A Promise is a Promise

After my healing I had a problem. Now I would have to honor the promise I made.

It meant I would have to step in front of the limelight to put my story out there, and to risk criticism and personal attack (by those who asserted my claims of healing were false).

Even my own parents didn’t really believe I had healed until they insisted upon visit to the Mayo Clinic, where medical ‘specialists’ confirmed I didn’t have lupus anymore.

And then I would have to reveal my story (one I’m not thrilled with), and the most profound experience of my life, how I healed.

How on earth would I do it? Not only am I not a writer, I didn’t know where to start. Writing a book about my experience was definitely not my style.

I bit the bullet and did it anyway.  

Yes, I received criticism.

But soon I realized it was nothing compared to what happened next.

Other people’s stories of dramatic health improvements and healing was
*BY FAR* more important than any criticism that came my way.

What really struck me was there was 1 common denominator in all those who had healed! It is the KEY to healing, or creating any result in life.

Care to guess? I’ll give you a minute… so don’t skip to the next section yet 🙂

If it can happen for me - and Crystal, Dr. Forrest, Patti, Oren, Deliene, Heidi, Yolanda, …and so many more - it can happen for you!

Lessons Learned

What I learned about myself when I had lupus changed the course of my life.

*I called myself out when I was being a victim

*I called myself out for not taking proper care of myself

*I called myself out for allowing someone else to treat me poorly

*I called myself out for my results, which only I could change


*I called myself out for not giving myself the self-love, TLC, and support that I deserved, needed, and was entitled to

I needed to be my own best friend!

Feeling comfortable with my new sense of ‘Self’ was a foreign concept for me at the time, but the shift in perspective changed my life.

*Being ‘sensitive’ means you care!

*Being ‘shy’ means you are conscientious of other people’s thoughts, feelings and opinions.

*Being ‘stubborn’ gives you the strength to dig inside and fight for yourself, truth, and justice.

*Being a ‘rebel’ means a willingness to look beyond conditioned perspectives, beliefs and limitations!

I started to appreciate myself again.

I graduated with first class marks, 2 degrees, 3 scholarships, left a toxic relationship, met the perfect guy for me, enjoy an amazing career, travel, outlast my nephews at mini-golf, ping-pong, and go-karting, laugh again, love my life again and never looked back.

The answer to healing for every person I have ever interviewed includes 1 common denominator:

Each and every person needs to dig down deep inside,
make yourself and your health a priority, and…


But you have to:

~Believe it can happen for you

~Take action, and implement a healing protocol

~Stay the course, and keep your eye on the prize – HEALING

~Surround yourself with others who support your healing journey

~Support yourself. Believe in yourself. Nurture yourself

~Never give up, until you have healed!

I have full confidence you can, at minimum, drastically improve the quality of your health, and even completely reverse your symptoms, forever.

Countless others have healed. YOU can too! It is only through making the decision to heal and taking action that they too have had their success.

I am committed to help others, just like you, also achieve healing success.

It is my deepest prayer you make the decision to heal, take action, and be another testimony of healing!

The path has been laid for you, with an effective, natural, step-by-step protocol others have successfully used to heal.


May you live the life of your dreams

May you be another testimony of healing

May God bless you, on your healing journey

May your healing success story inspire others

May you live a life of love, joy and wonderful health

With love and blessings.